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Top Ten Vietnam Street Foods
1. Beef noodles (Pho bo)
This could be the No 1 street food in Vietnam and most recognizable Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam. Originated from the North, but has found home in the South since long time, that's why we have "pho" in two different styles: northern and southern. According to some foodies, in Sài Gòn besides these two official northern and southern styles we still have some other "styles", but I would say it's more like taste. Good Pho should have all good three components: soup, beef and noodles! To me beef noodles should be a dish that inspires competitiveness and innovation in chefs, at that time everyone wants to claim the honor title "Beef noodles King"!
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2. Broken rice (Com tam)
My all time favorite, but today "com tam" is quite different and to be honest, I don't like it as before. Com tam An Dương Vương or Kieu Giang are far from the best, too commercial! They make so many dishes to go with broken rice and by somehow it makes the broken rice lost the traditional taste as in the old days: broken rice with pork skin (com tam bi) or egg cake ! But even saying so, I still can enjoy good com tam at different places: simpler but more original! To me, most important for broken rice is the rice itself and fish sauce, flavorful rice and a little bit sweet, a little bit salty, a little bit spicy fish sauce and by the way don't forget to top broken rice with special minced green onion stirred in the oil (my hanh)!
3. Sticky rice (Xoi)
This is a great breakfast dish that give you a boost of added energy. Similar to beef noodles, sticky rice also has two styles: northern and southern and they are quite different. Example, corn sticky rice (xoi bap) in a northern style is very different from a southern and to me tastier! Sticky rice has sweet and salty. My favorite for sweet is a corn sticky rice in a northern style, there is many things: softly cooked corn mixed with sticky rice, topped with green mung bean, tasty fried shallots, sugar. For salty one n, my choice could be a sticky rice with dried shrimp, chinese sausage, green onion stirred with oil, flavored with soy sauce.
4. Saigon baguette (Banh my Sai Gon)
Along with beef noodles, Saigon baguette (bánh mỳ Saigon) is the most famous dish outside of Vietnam, something that tourist rave and hype about. But in Sài Gòn to taste the best Bánh mỳ, you should know the place! Not every place! A good, warm and crunchy bread is filled with many things!
It could be several kinds of Vietnamese pork ham, liver paste (pate gan), veggies (cucumber, coriander, green onion, chili...) and sour things (đo chua) which made from pickled shreds of carrot and white radish!
5. Rice noodles (Bun)
There is many dishes with rice noodles. Many! I tried to count but then gave up. Because living in Sài Gòn I may know only those popular dishes here, but in North or Central? Anyway to me most popular dish with rice noodles (bun) could be bun thit nuong (rice noodles with grilled pork), bún riêu (rice noodles with sour crab soup), bún cha giò (rice noodles with deep fried spring rolls)! I personally select two to represent rice noodles: bún thit nướng for rice noodles served without soup category and bún riêu for rice noodles served in soup category!
It would be a big miss if I don't mention a glorious dish from Hue, super popular in Saigon! Beef noodles in Hue style, same as traditional beef noodles that I list down on the top, we can have this bún bò Hue for breakfast, lunch or late dinner! The most distinctive is its flavor - thanks to the special Hue shrimp paste (Ruoc Hue) and lemon grass added to the soup during cooking!
6. Roll cake (BAnh cuon)
Again and again we have two different: roll cake in a northern style, filled with pork meat (bánh cuon nhân thit) and roll cake in a southern style - we call bánh ướt (wet cake!). Both are made from rice, steamed and served with sweet, spicy fish sauce, ham and blanched bean sprouts, herbs. Both are most popular but wet cake (bánh ướt) could be more popular as street food in Sài Gòn as it's easy to sell from a moving cart! These days I saw many these carts on the street!
7. Papaya salad with pork liver (goi bò)
My childhood favorite snack and until now I'm happy to have it whenever I have a chance! Used to be one of the most popular snacks among the youth, esp. school teenagers. These days maybe the taste has been changed, we may not find this street stall selling this yummy papaya salad in front of many schools anymore but certain places are famous for this special salad. Made from shreds of young papaya, served in sour-sweet spicy sauce, topped with roasted peanut, Vietnamese basil, shrimp cracker and most important beef liver or lung (!?) that has been braised in secret aromatic dark sweet sauce with probably different spices!
8. Big noodles (Bánh canh)
I love the big noodles or I always call it jokingly "udon" due to its jumbo size! Vietnamese udon or bánh canh! We have a quite large variation of bánh canh, depends on the area. In South we have bánh canh with pork knuckle (bánh canh giò heo), or with crab (bánh canh cua). Very popular. Then in Central we have bánh canh with crab in a Huế style or with snakehead (bánh canh cá lóc)...We even have sweet bánh canh in coconut soup, very tasty, the speciality from Mekong Delta! Bánh canh is good for breakfast or light meal before dinner! My all-time favorite is bánh canh with crab. The soup with crab meat, crab cake or some other stuffs, we need to add only some fresh chili, squeeze some drops of lime juice, all of it makes bánh canh heavenly good!
9. Yellow noodles
Originated from China, but this noodles dish already found home in here, probably hundred years ago!
I did try yellow noodles in Beijing and in Hong Kong, I may prefer the Vietnamese version, probably I already used to the local taste here! Good for breakfast or late night meal! Yellow noodles can go with either seafood, chicken, pork or little of everything . I love the noodles texture - should be a bit hard, not too soft! And, of course, the soup itself!
10. Fresh spring roll (Goi cuon)
If talking about the roll in Vietnam, it would take we have so many things that we can roll in rice paper (bánh tráng)! The most popular among the rolls - deep fried spring rolls but as street food - by somehow fresh spring roll or we simply call "gỏi cuốn" - more popular!
Just a good rice paper, we roll with rice noodles, veggies and veggies, then cooked pork meat (thit heo luoc) and cooked prawn! Dip sauce is sweet soy sauce mixed with chopped roasted peanut!

Top Ten Street Food in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
1. Cua Lot – Soft Shell Crabs
Why: Because I dream about crustaceans smothered in a sweet and tart tamarind sauce every other night. Don’t forget to order a plate of glass noodles with hunks of fresh crab meat (mien xao cua). Tip: If it’s too hot downstairs, ask to be seated upstairs because its got A/C.
Where: Quan 94 (84 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1)
2. Banh Mi – Vietnamese Sandwiches
Why: Because they showcase French and Vietnamese fusion cuisine at its finest. Plus they’re quick, easy, cheap and delicious.
Where: For the classic cold cut sandwich with pate, mayo, cucumber spears and pickled veggies, head to any of the vendors spread throughout the city (look for the carts plastered with the Laughing Cow logo). Ask for banh mi thit nguoi. For the freshest bread selection, purchase one in the morning or evening.
3. Mon An Chay - Vietnamese Vegetarian Fare
Why: Because Vietnamese vegetarian fare sticks to familiar flavors and ingredients, and unlike scientifically derived products like Boca Burgers, the fresh vegetables and soy products employed at com chay restaurants are skillfully transformed into wholly satisfying delights.
Where: Huong Vien (101 Vuon Chuoi Street, District 3)—the xoi ga chay (sticky rice with “chicken”) is especially stellar and unbelievably similar to the meaty xoi man sold street side. Another winning dish is the banh hoi thit nuong (vermicelli noodle cakes topped with grilled “pork”). Giac Duc (492 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3)—get the barbecued pork (thit heo quay). Pho Chay Nhu (54 Truong Quyen Street, District 3)—go for the com tam bi cha thit nuong and pho.
4. Ca Kho To – Caramelized Fish in Claypot
Why: Because it’s a classic dish that every Vietnamese family prepares and eats at home. Pick a fatty fish like ca hu, and spoon a generous amount of caramelized sauce atop the fish and rice. The sauce is so killer that I’d be quite content eating it with plain ‘ol white rice.
Where: Ngu Vien (40 Ky Dong Street, District 3) * CLOSED *
5. Com Tam Bi Cha Thit Nuong Trung Opla – Broken Rice with Three Types of Pork and a Fried Egg
Why: Because it contains pork prepared three beautiful ways. My favorite is the bi—a mixture of pork skin and meat. The fried egg (trung opla) on top is a must!
Where: Com Tam Moc (85 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1), Com Tam Di Nam (253 Khanh Hoi Street, District 4)
6. Cha Gio – Vietnamese Egg Rolls
Why: Because the blistered wrappers and porky innards are a dynamic duo. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves, everything tastes better deep-fried! Don’t forget to wrap ‘em in herbs and lettuce and dip ‘em in nuoc mam.
Where: Fried Food Stand (91 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, District 1), Banh Xeo 46A (46A Dinh Cong Trang Street, District 1)
7. Thit Nuong – Charcoal Grilled Pork
Why: Because the meat’s marinade—fish sauce, sugar and lemongrass—is sensational. Whether paired with cold vermicelli noodles in bun thit nuong or tucked inside a baguette in banh mi thit nuong, Vietnamese-style charcoal grilled pork is tasty business.
Where: No Name (187 Co Giang Street, District 1),Gia Hoi 2 (2 Nguyen Huy Tu Street, District 1)
8. Che Troi Nuoc – Tapioca Dumplings with Mung Bean Filling
Why: Because che—Vietnamese sweet soups—are a good pick-me-up mid-day when the sun beats down relentlessly. Also, it’s not every day one gets to enjoy a beany dessert! My favorite is che troi nuoc—tapioca orbs filled with mung bean paste and served soaked in coconut milk with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. Che thap cam with coconut milk, beans, jellies and crushed ice is another great option.
Where: Che My (91 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, District 1)
9. Seafood a la Sidewalk
Why: Because fraternizing with locals, taking shots of homemade brew, and eating fresh seafood is a sure-fire formula for a damn good evening. The grilled mussels with scallion oil and peanuts (chem chep nuong) are a must, as are the blood cockles sauteed in tamarind sauce (so huyet ran me).
Where: Be Oc (58/53 Vinh Khanh Street, District 4)
10. Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Crepes
Why: Because bigger doesn’t always mean better. These Central Vietnam-style banh xeo are less than half the size of the southern ones, but are packed with lots more flavor and an addicting crunch. Bo la lot (beef wrapped in betel leaves) makes an ideal accompaniment.
Where: No Name (1 Bac Hai, District 10 – on the corner of Cach Mang Thang Tam and Bac Hai streets)

Hanoi is known to be among the greatest street food cities in the world. The only way to have a feel of the beauty of the Old Quarter and its cuisine is when you take a walking tour through the streets of Hanoi. There are samples of tasty local dishes at a variety of impressive and amazing stalls.
You can start your walking tour from Dong Xuan which is the largest covered market you can find in Hanoi. There are a lot of street hawkers with such amazing produce ranging from seafood to mouth-watering fruits. The Hanoi Street Food Tour will provide detailed information about the various traditional food as well as the ingredients used in its preparation and the origin of some of these popular northern dishes. While enjoying the walk tour, you can have a taste of the seasonal fruits and also some nice snacks on carts along the street. 
As you go through the network of streets filled with life in the Hanoi’s Old Quarter, there are local eateries where Banh Cuon, the famous Hanoi dish is prepared. The chefs are skillful and always put up a show when it comes to displaying how this scrumptious dish is prepared. Exploring more deeply into the beautiful sites of Hanoi Old Quarter, you’ll find street stalls, shops and houses that’s serene where people resides with almost the same kind of lifestyle ever since Hanoi was created over the past millennium. There is a traditional cake served mainly at engagement parties made from mung beans, pounded rice and sugar.
Street food Hanoi Shops located at many narrow street of old quarter Hanoi .If You could not find it by yourself , why not book a street food walking tour 3 hours with $ 20.00 /01 person included : street food,drink and tour guide



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